Personalised canvas prints

Canvas prints

Printing on canvas is a really unique way of solving the problem of photo decoration and printing of the pictures. The uniqueness lies precisely in representing of printed images. Final print on canvas acquires additional warmth and depth of “drawing”. Paintings and photos printed on canvas cannot be confused with the images on any other image carrier due to print quality, color reproduction quality, the naturalness of the image and the quality factor of performance. In this respect, the canvas is a unique image carrier for printing. After all, at all times the majority of works of art was created on canvas.

Canvas prints

Printing Technology

When the image is transferred to the canvas, it is additionally covered with paint or a special gel. At the end of personalised canvas prints is covered with a protective varnish to save the image from the humidity or sunlight. After that, canvas is pulled on a frame and it gets fixed. An ordinary person cannot distinguish either it is an oil picture or a picture created with the help of this technology.

Canvas prints

Materials for printing on canvas

In addition to the canvas, ink for printing is needed too. It is better to use high quality canvas; the image will be durable, colorful and clear. Canvas printing is different from the usual paper; it is more plastic, strong, it stretches on a frame. It is made of natural linen or cotton, then antiaircraft and chemical defense and photosensitive layer are applied on its surface. There are matte and glossy canvases. The main thing is that they must absorb the ink and dry out quickly. Smooth surface is suitable for high resolution printing, providing wide color coverage. It is possible to fully simulate the artistic painting in texture and appearance.

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